Sales process

The best service and quality for the sale of your second-hand vehicle.

  • Entrega del Vehículo

    The vehicle is delivered once renting has finished.

  • Preparación del vehículo

    The vehicle is prepared for the auction.

  • Peritación externa

    Assessed externally and photographs taken.

  • Comienzo de la subasta

    Start of the auction. Maximum information about the vehicle is displayed.

  • precio

    A starting price is set for the auction. The bidder who places the highest bid will be awarded the vehicle (sales by unit, never by lots).

  • Recepción

    An email is received in 24 hours with confirmation of the vehicles that have been awarded.

  • formulario de compra

    We contact you to confirm the method of delivery. A second email is received with a purchase form so that the payment can be made and with all of the information about the purchase of the vehicle.

  • cambio de titularidad

    Within 48 hours of payment, the collection of the vehicle is authorised.

  • Entrega

    Free Delivery/Collection of the vehicle in any of the car lots we provide, or at home (depending on your instructions after winning the auction) or we deliver it to wherever you want(consultar precios).